The best and quickest explanation of what Olvand has to offer probably is [the introduction text on the first page] and [this video], but you might be interested in a more detailed list of what the game has to offer.

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Customizable guns
In a lot of minigames, you'll use a gun. You have exact control over how this gun works; by linking all kinds of machinery, you can define exactly which power is released when you press which mouse button in which situation. Also, every single power source (called and Olb) can be combined with every other power source to create unique effects. Have a mine Olb and a freeze Olb? Combine them, and you'll have a mine that freezes players. Or combine that freeze Olb with a heal Olb, and you'll an Olb that freezes your health. In Olvand, the smartest and most creative player is the strongest one. [More info].

Randomly generated caves
The caves, which come in 5 difficulty levels, are randomly generated and populated with randomly generated monsters with randomly generated behaviours. They are managed by a L4D-inspired AI director. At the end, a new Olb awaits!

Leitmotifs in the background music
All melodies heard in the game represent something: one represents nature, another city life, another friends, etcetera. These melodies can be heard in various forms: if you are walking around in a city at night, for example, the city theme will sound calm and quiet, will it will sound exciting and quick if your city is at war. In the medley below, you can hear the main theme (main menu version and race version), the forest theme (dreamy version, happy version and battle version) and the town theme (dreamy version, pub version and hometown version). [More info]