Have you made this game alone?

Yes. My biggest hobbies are coding, pixel art and composing game music... so I can do pretty much everything myself.

How can I help?

Not any longer, as this game is no longer in active development.

Can I write about your game?

Please do, and send an email to olvandgame@gmail.com if you need anything. An interview, exclusive preview material, anything really.

Will this ever cost money?

I have no plans to ask money.

Will there be a Linux or Mac port?

Although I should not take long to make one, I feel the interest in this is too low to justify the time it would take.

I've found a bug!

Please let me know at olvandgame@gmail.com, and I will have a look at it. Although the game no longer is in active development, I still take the time to fix the larger bugs.

Why don't you add torches / redstone / Creepers?

Yes, I love Minecraft as much as you do, but I definitely don't want to make this a top-down version of it. The same goes for Terraria.

This game looks like Pokemon!

That's not a question, but yes, I was very inspired by the Pokemon/Zelda art style. I also tried to make it look a bit different, but that failed, apparently; everybody keeps saying this. Olvand is a completely different experience, though.